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Car Waxing

Exterior Auto Detailing

Your car works hard for you every day - why not treat it with a luxury car wash? At Mike's Absolute Glass & Detail, we elevate the concept of a car wash to another level with our exterior auto detailing.
There are many ways to wash a car, but few are actually correct. When you opt for a luxury car wash, we'll take excellent care of your car's bodywork, paint, and finish for a luxurious clean that won't just look beautiful but will provide protection as well. With exterior auto detail, we'll take multiple steps in making sure that your vehicle is free of dirt, grime, and debris before moving forward with more intensive actions such as polishing and waxing. You can trust that we know how to maintain your car's original beauty while bringing it up to a level of shine that you'll be proud to show off.
Over time, your exterior headlights can become dimmed and dulled due to UV rays, heat, and road debris, negatively affecting their ability to illuminate the road. If you've already noticed this dimming, it's essential to have headlight restoration done for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Crystal-clear headlights won't just light up the night but can take years off the appearance of your car. Call us today for any of our exterior detailing services today in Glendale, AZ.

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