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Paint Correction

Even with the advancements made in scratch-resistant body techniques used by manufacturers or the care taken with classic cars, it seems scrapes and scratches inevitably find their way into your life and onto your vehicle. Don't feel pressured to spend thousands on a new paint job or bodywork if all that is needed is a minor repair - and that's where paint correction and scratch removal services by Mike's Absolute Glass & Detail come in.
The process of car scratch repair and bringing out the best in your automobile's bodywork is both a process of art and science. If done incorrectly, you may end up with an eyesore on your car that will be more costly to repair than if you had just left it alone. We're skilled in the techniques needed to correctly rectify auto blemishes and damage so that your car will look like it never went through its trauma.
We also provide the latest in protection with ceramic paint coating. It's an exciting feature for any beloved vehicle and creates a hydrophobic surface that adds UV ray protection and chemical stain protection for a fair amount of time.
Contact us today in Glendale, AZ, for any of your paintwork and bodywork needs.

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